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Very similar in shape and sizes to the Kuhli Loach, black varieties are completely black or dark brown. They are one of the most sought after. I have two black kuhli loaches already and want to add five more, will they shoal perfectly fine with striped kuhli loaches? Thanks!

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By Moogujar - 13:39 › products › kuhli-loach.
By Mebar - 13:20
The Kuhli Loach (Pangio kuhlii/semicincta), also known as the Coolie Loach, is a longtime favorite for the community and planted aquarium. This peaceful fish is.
By Jumuro - 19:11
I saw some black khuli loaches at petco on sale for each. How are these different from the striped kuhli loaches? I looked them up and it.
By Kagazilkree - 08:38 › wiki › Kuhli_loach.
By Aradal - 02:05
The kuhli loach (Pangio kuhlii) is a small eel-like freshwater fish belonging to the loach family The body has 10 to 15 dark brown to black vertical bars, and the gaps between them are salmon pink to yellow with a light underside. When the.

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