Bartholin's cyst - NHS - One side of vagina swollen lump

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A Bartholin's cyst causes. One side may look swollen or bigger than usual. Always see a GP if you develop a lump in the area around your vagina so they can confirm a diagnosis and.

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It is common for these abscesses to involve more than one type of organism. cyst causes swelling of the labia on one side, near the entrance to the vagina. A cyst is If a lump or mass is painful, this suggests that an abscess has developed.
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The labia are known as the “lips” of the vagina. vary in size — from woman to woman and even from one side of the labia to the other. discharge from the vaginal area; a foul smell coming from the vagina; a small bump on.
By Zulkizahn - 04:33
Vaginal bumps and lumps are common, especially as you age and during your childbearing years. The outer side of the labia majora is where your pubic hair is found. 1. Vulvar cysts. Your vulva has a number of glands, including oil glands, Bartholin's Varicosities are swollen veins that can occur around your vulva.
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Learn about swollen labia, when the vaginal lips are swollen and may feel irritated. The labia are located on the vulva, which is the exterior part of a One or more of the following may be used to diagnose the cause of swollen labia: a lump or bump on the labia; itching; pain that persists or is severe.
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A lump or bump on the vagina may have a variety of causes. Bartholin's cysts: These are lumps on one or both sides of the vaginal opening. symptoms may include constipation, pelvic pain, back pain, or leg swelling.

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